Records, Information & You – A New Strategic Vision Seminar. April 20, 2016

Events April 20, 2016

You can now register for The Southern California Inland Empire ARMA Annual Conference: RIM vs. IG: The RIM Profession in Transition.

This Seminar discusses how the role of the traditional records and information manager (RIM) in the context of electronic information–where systems should be tasked with retention and disposition of records–is coming under scrutiny.

In this Key Note, John Isaza, co-chair of the Fellows of ARMA International, will provide his unique perspective on “what is the future of the RIM profession?”

Mr. Isaza works for countless global organizations and government agencies, so he has his finger on the pulse of this issue. In this Key Note, he will share his personal journey, along with the obstacles he and the profession now face. Mr. Isaza will conclude with recommendations he is implementing for himself and imparting to the audience on what the RIM professional needs to do in order to stay not only relevant but vital to any organization

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