Why assigning responsibility for content is a corporate imperative.

Insights March 5, 2017

In this op-ed, Rimon’s Records and Information Governance Partner, John Isaza discusses the importance of having an in site records and information management strategy. Mr. Isaza explains why companies have to be cautious about the content that is released and associated with them as it might be erroneous, inappropriate, outdated, non-compliant, infected with viruses or can violate privacy laws.
The regulatory environment is demanding accountability for the management of content.” He adds that “ liability for failing to control unfettered information raises the stakes tremendously.

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Mr. Isaza is a partner at Rimon, where he chairs the records management and information governance practice.
Mr. Isaza has developed information governance and records retention programs for some of the most highly regulated Global 1,000 companies. He is co-author of 7 Steps for Legal Holds of ESI & Other Documents, a contributing author to the ABA’s Internet Law for the Business Lawyer, 2nd Edition, as well as A Handbook on Global Social Media for Business Lawyers.  He currently co-Chairs the American Bar’s Social Media Subcommittee, as well as the Fellows of ARMA International.