Rimon was designed for teamwork from anywhere

Insights Rimon was designed for teamwork from anywhere Michael Moradzadeh · March 30, 2020

Back in 2008, we realized that the combination of cloud computing and video conferencing was going to change the world. For the first time, sophisticated lawyers could do complex legal work in large teams, without being in the same location. Research, analysis, document collaboration, even socializing could all be done effectively from anywhere – even one’s home. The problem was that traditional law firms were not designed to optimize this. So, if anyone did work from home, the firm infrastructure made it very painful. Further, the firm culture was not built around it so it could be very lonely and alienating.

This is why we decided to leave the traditional law firm and design a firm built entirely around the cloud and video conferencing. We would use office space as a tool like any other, but we would not depend on it. Since then, we have built a highly sophisticated team across over thirty cities, nine countries, and four continents. This team works very closely together with support staff and each other, seamlessly, regardless of location. At Rimon, working from home is a pleasure, not a pain. Our attorneys are more productive and more connected than attorneys working in traditional offices at traditional firms.

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