Law360 Reports on Radio Frequency Suits Forcing FFC to Address Health Impact, Stephen Díaz Gavin Comments on Lawsuits

News Law360 Reports on Radio Frequency Suits Forcing FFC to Address Health Impact, Stephen Díaz Gavin Comments on Lawsuits Stephen Díaz Gavin · October 15, 2021

The Federal Communications Commission is dealing with a pair of lawsuits challenging wireless safety rules put in place before the era of 5G and ubiquitous Wi-Fi, highlighting activists’ concerns over the proliferation of invisible radio frequency signals, Law360 reported.

The lawsuits, brought by activist group Children’s Health Defense, could force the FCC to more clearly and carefully address perceived dangers of wireless technology as it crafts regulations for the industry.

Rimon Partner, Stephen Díaz Gavin, who represents amici parties including Wired Broadband Inc. and Safe Technology Minnesota, was interviewed by Law360.

Mr. Díaz Gavin said:

“What’s happened in the last two years as a result of the pandemic … has heightened people’s awareness in various directions….people are much more focused now on health issues.”

“The commission’s going to have to do some substantial work. I know that some people on the commission might feel that, as long as they take a look at it and explain themselves, they can still come back with the same answer, but I think it’s going to be very difficult to escape having to look at this more clearly than they have.”

“There’s a very strong belief in the community that they [those concerned] have not been listened to by the commission, that they are treated almost as Luddites who are opposed to technology for technology’s sake.”

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Stephen Díaz Gavin is a Partner in Rimon’s Washington, D.C. office. Mr. Díaz Gavin combines legal acumen and litigation experience with public policy advocacy skills to help a diverse range of clients, both international and domestic, in dealing with legal and policy issues facing them in the United States and overseas. Mr. Díaz Gavin specializes in international litigation and arbitration, including sovereign representation.  In addition, for more than 30 years, he has represented companies and individuals in matters before the Federal Communications Commission. Over the years, he has also advised foreign governments and foreign government entities on issues involving various aspects of relations with the United States. Read more here.