An Overview of Interlink Recruitment’s Q&A with our Founding Partner and CEO, Michael Moradzadeh

News An Overview of Interlink Recruitment’s Q&A with our Founding Partner and CEO, Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · October 18, 2021

Since being founded in 2008, Rimon has expanded from San Francisco into “14 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa”. This growth has been a result of hard work and innovation, all in alignment with our core values of “excellence, agility, and teamwork”. To provide insight into our journey as a law firm and how we have achieved this success, our Founding Partner and CEO, Michael Moradzadeh, recently completed an insightful Q&A with Interlink Recruitment. In this article, we are taking a look into the aspects of our firm of which we’re most proud.

The Business Model of Rimon

Moradzadeh identifies that many “top tier attorneys feel stifled in traditional law firms”. This is due to an environment of “hierarchy and bureaucracy” which is built into the traditional partner model. Here at Rimon we operate under a consultancy model, in which we provide all the resources, autonomy and flexibility that our Lawyers need, allowing them to provide the best client experience possible and feel happy in the environment in which they work. This is where our motto “happier attorneys and better served clients” originated, as we believe that attorneys who feel trusted and respected, and who are given autonomy to make judgment calls regarding their own practices, can provide the very best service, reflecting the true excellence of our firm.

An essential part of effectively running a law firm with this model is managing the onboarding process. We trust our partners to run their own practices and gain new clients globally, therefore we make sure we provide the “technology, data, and support” to make this possible. This elevates our firm as we can guarantee the best service, compared to other ‘challenger’ firms, who place less focus on onboarding, resulting in inconsistent quality and poor infrastructure.

We believe that traditional law firms will slowly evolve to a model more similar to ours, with reduced costs and more autonomy for partners. For lawyers from traditional firms considering joining our consultancy firm, we can say with certainty that this is a great opportunity to be happier and enjoy increased flexibility and trust. Our partners who have joined from the more traditional law firm settings have expressed that the “transparency and control around their income that our model offers represents a huge and welcome improvement from traditional firm life”.

The Culture and Values of Rimon

The consultancy model we operate under allows us to ensure we only bring on “excellent lawyers” with a history of high-level work. This is a very important aspect of our firm as “we know our work product will have consistently high quality throughout the firm”. As we expand globally, we have been determined to “never sacrifice our values for the sake of growth”. This is something that sets us apart from other ‘challenger’ firms – we truly obsess over quality.

In addition to excellence, we also have the core values of agility and teamwork. We demonstrate our agility through our business model, which has allowed us to adapt and provide the ultimate flexibility to our lawyers, and to expand during a time of great restrictions. Finally, teamwork is something which we work towards throughout all stages of our processes. As a firm we “hire only people who have a track record of close collaboration”, resulting in an excellent team environment and a very connected network of colleagues which sets Rimon apart from other firms.

Read the Full Q&A

In the full Q&A Michael Moradzadeh provides many more insights on a wide range of topics, including our recent expansion (with details of practice areas and jurisdictions we have recently launched), how we use technology at the heart of everything we do, our marketing and social media strategy, and the future of our firm.

Read the full Q&A here.

Michael Moradzadeh is a Founding Partner and the CEO of Rimon.  He is in charge of strategic partnerships and recruiting for the firm. Mr. Moradzadeh has presented on innovations in law firm management and business models at Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, UC Berkeley Law School, and UC Hastings College of the Law. Mr. Moradzadeh has also presented to the board of directors of global law firms to help them innovate their own structures. Mr. Moradzadeh’s innovations with Rimon have received awards from the Financial Times and the American Bar Association Journal and have appeared in a wide array of international publications. Mr. Moradzadeh was recognized by the American Bar Association Journal as a top innovator in the law and awarded the Legal Rebel distinction. He was awarded Law Firm CEO of the Year 2021 at the Global CEO Excellence Awards by CEO Monthly. Read more here.