How to Telecommute Without Being Remote

Insights How to Telecommute Without Being Remote Michael Moradzadeh · May 10, 2017

In this article published in Law360, Rimon’s CEO Michael Moradzadeh argues that allowing lawyers to work remotely can be counterproductive if the firm’s entire model and culture does not ensure that telecommuters are equally connected to the firm’s social and professional communities.

“To take full advantage of the enormous potential of the cloud, law firms must thoughtfully reshape their culture and infrastructure around the concept. That reshaping means no attorney is working remotely, not even those who telecommute. Offices are a tool, not the foundation of the firm,” he explains. “In this way, cloud firms operate like many of their best technology clients, figuring out how to develop a deeper level of teamwork that transcends geography and time zones. (…) This new collaborative structure helps create a partnership more focused on developing clients, cross-servicing across the firm, and building a better practice.”

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