Appointment of T.J. Henry as Chief Legal Officer of Rimon covered by Law.com, Law360, Legal Era

News Appointment of T.J. Henry as Chief Legal Officer of Rimon covered by Law.com, Law360, Legal Era T.J. Henry · August 26, 2022

New Orleans, LA – The appointment of T.J. Henry as Chief Legal Officer of Rimon has been covered extensively by the press.

In an insightful piece on Mid-Sized firms in the post-pandemic world, Law.com reporter Dan Packel commented:

“That tale of pre-COVID whispers becoming shouts by 2022 is also apparent in the trajectory of distributed firms. Rimon Law, with roughly 200 lawyers, added a new C-Suite role this week, tapping T.J. Henry from the virtual shop Sterlington to serve as its first chief legal officer. Henry served as corporate counsel and as vice president of operations and business development at Sterlington, and he’ll be tasked with both of these responsibilities at Rimon, working to both grow the firm and serve as a “steward” for the attorneys already there.”

In the Law.com interview, T.J. emphasized that law firm structure is not a deciding factor for clients in selecting their legal counsel:

“The idea that we’re distributed is far down the list of reasons why we may or may not get picked on a client matter.”

T.J. also spoke with Madison Arnold from Law360 on his move. He explained to Madison his attraction to Rimon:

“There had always been an admiration [of Rimon] from afar and then in conversations about where they were trying to take the firm and its growth, we brainstormed an opportunity, and it’s appealing given where Rimon has come from, but also where the industry is going….”

T.J. also shared with Madison his goals as Chief Legal Officer:

“…So my goal is to serve as a steward for all the current attorneys that are here to keep that culture in place so that we don’t lose what has made Rimon great historically, but also to help the firm scale intelligently. My career has really been spent on the fence with traditional in-house or private practice law firm work on one side, and really building things on the other, whether that’s financially, operationally, from a business development perspective, what have you. I particularly enjoy being an attorney first and foremost, but being an attorney who’s able to drive value in a multitude of ways and this role is an opportunity to continue that.”

LegalEra also covered the news.

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Timothy J. (T.J.) Henry Jr. is a corporate partner and Rimon’s Chief Legal Officer. Mr. Henry has spent his career working in legal, financial, and operational capacities, building and leading teams in law and private equity firms. Mr. Henry maintains a passion for helping businesses and clients drive revenue through commercial legal counsel as well as refined strategy, operations, and M&A activity.