Rimon’s Rapid Growth Featured in Law.Com International

News Rimon’s Rapid Growth Featured in Law.Com International Michael Moradzadeh · August 3, 2021

Law.com spoke with Rimon CEO and Founding Partner, Michael Moradzadeh, on the firm’s rapid growth. The firm has opened offices in Colombia, Australia, Germany, the UAE, the United Kingdom, France, Canada and South Korea since 2020, as well as many offices in the United States.  Below are some excerpts of Mr. Moradzadeh’s interview:

Rimon’s appeal is evident. “We hire people who are looking to move away from bureaucracy and strict guidelines on how to work,” said Moradzadeh.

“Our compensation model typically means our lawyers are getting paid more, and clients get immediate flexibility as to what they need,” said Moradzadeh.

“We remove as much of the bureaucracy and firm politics as possible by making compensation purely objective,” explained Moradzadeh. “We make the compensation model so that interests are aligned so attorneys have motivation to bring in clients but also give work to their colleagues so they can work as a team and not feel like they have to hog the work or play games.”

“We are not 100% virtual but we are structured around a tech platform, unlike traditional firms. These days traditional law firms have grown so big that cultures have dissipated, anyway. Culture has a way of building on itself. It starts with who you bring in. We are very careful in our vetting and hiring process. This is where we are absolutely different from any other virtual firm out there that has a model that is more like Uber or Airbnb.”

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Rimon has 42 offices across five continents. The firm is widely known as being at the vanguard of legal innovation. The firm has been repeatedly recognized by the Financial Times as one of North America’s most innovative law firms. The firm’s Managing Partners were both named ‘Legal Rebels’ by the American Bar Association’s ABA Journal and have spoken on innovations in the practice of law at Harvard and Stanford Law Schools. Rimon and its lawyers have also received numerous awards for excellence, including from Best Lawyers and Chambers.