Emerging Practices for Electronic Records Disposition, Whitepaper

Insights May 3, 2016

This whitepaper intends to inform professionals in different fields about the complexity presented by today’s record management legal requirements.

This authoritative report will help redefine how organizations stablish a sustainable policy and defensible process to facilitate compliance with standards, laws, and regulations, decrease storage requirements, and reduce litigation risk. To aid in this, the paper concludes with a list of elements of effective information governance and recommended first steps for organizations to take to establish an enterprise information governance framework.

This article gathers three expert perspectives in the records and information management arena:

 John Isaza, Esq., FAI, who brings his legal perspective as the head of the Information Governance & Records Management practice for Rimon and is internationally recognized in these emerging legal fields.

– Susan Cisco, Ph.D., CRM, FAI, who delivers her records management perspective as the Director at Gimmal, with 30+ years of experience in records and information management.

– Mike Alsup, Founder and Senior Vice President of Gimmal, who has been a leader in enterprise content and records management for more than 30 years

You can access the material here