CLE Webinar: Content Governance and Management in the Era of Big Data: A Road Map to the Risks and Opportunities

Events May 18, 2017

Information, Records and Content Governance is a critical component of doing business in the 21st century. Opportunities abound for organizations to leverage Big Data for profit. The incentives for companies to share information—internally and with customers, vendors and other outside partners—have risen dramatically. Leading companies are sharing terabytes of Big Data—to create high value intellectual capital like software, patents and brands. Well-thought-out approaches to facilitate and encourage timely sharing of information—especially across organizational boundaries—have become a matter of competitive advantage, even survival.
But–these incentives must be tempered with strict compliance concerns. Liability and negative business impact from inadequate data privacy protection, security and retention can be devastating. Organizations facing constant risk of data breaches and leaks must know what to keep versus what to dispose of. Clearly defined accountability for ownership and management of records and content has become an imperative.
This hour-long webinar will provide a crisp, comprehensive view of the obligations and opportunities of boards, executives and managers to control risks and take advantage of opportunities in the era of Big Data.

Access the webinar recording and presentation deck.

John Isaza is a California-based attorney, CEO of Information Governance Solutions featuring Virgo™, a cloud-based software for records management and global research, and law partner at Rimon, where he chairs the records management and information governance practice. Mr. Isaza is one of the world’s foremost experts in records and information governance.

Mark Rosenman has had leadership roles in knowledge management at top global firms McKinsey and KPMG and at entrepreneurial firms Tatum LLC and Newport Board Group, where he is Chief Knowledge Officer. He was a main architect of McKinsey’s first firm-wide document portal. He has extensive experience designing and implementing content policies and processes.