Rimon Law Group and Virtual Paralegal Services Announce Partnership

News December 1, 2009

Rimon Law Group, Inc. and Virtual Paralegal Services, Inc. (“VPS”) announce the partnering of their teams to provide cutting edge, highly cost-effective, environmentally friendly, virtual legal services.  This collaboration will allow businesses nationwide to receive top notch legal service at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional law firm.  Rimon, a law firm consisting of 23 lawyers from the best law schools and law firms in the United States, brings a host of “out of the box” thinking to the table, a strong focus on efficient billing including a satisfaction-based billing program, together with effective use of technology, all of which significantly differentiates them from a traditional law firm.  VPS brings cost-effective paralegal services to the partnership. Effectively utilizing experienced paralegal assistance provides Rimon with the ability to delegate to the proper level of expertise for the delivery of the most cost-effective legal services for their clients.  Partnering with VPS rather than hiring a paralegal team gives Rimon the ability to access on-demand paralegal services when needed without incurring any employee overhead that is traditionally passed onto clients.  At the same time, both Rimon and VPS are recognized green firms since their models allows them to dramatically cut back on use of paper and commutes to work.

The partnership between Rimon and VPS comes at a time when the alternative legal world is really coming into its own.  In today’s legal market increasing the bottom line has become clients’ number one issue.  The power of the experience Rimon lawyers and VPS paralegals, together a highly efficient technological platform, this partnership has the ability to significantly change the way businesses view the quality and cost of legal services.  “The partnership of VPS and Rimon Law Group is a perfect fit,” says Denise Annunciata, “I am excited to see how VPS can assist Rimon in defining its mark in the legal industry.  By effectively utilizing experienced paralegal assistance, Rimon lawyers can increase their bandwidth and concentrate their expertise on more substantive legal matters and Rimon’s clients will benefit from the bottom line cost-savings of having experienced paralegals efficiently tackle routine projects more quickly and efficiently handled by paralegals.  It’s a perfect fit.”

“Bringing together partner-level attorneys with senior paralegals, all with decades of experience from large law firms and corporations, just makes sense.” say Michael Moradzadeh, Managing Partner of Rimon Law Group.  “The traditional law firm relies on a pyramid structure whereby the most experienced attorneys no longer do any substantive legal work, while inexperienced attorneys learn on the job – on the clients dime. The general convention is that junior associates rely on senior paralegals to guide them.  By partnering with VPS we have cut out the waste, allowing for efficient delegation without any loss in quality.

About Virtual Paralegal Services

Virtual Paralegal Services, Inc. incorporated in January 2006, provides experienced, senior level on-demand paralegal services to lawyers working in solo practice, small firms and in-house legal departments nationwide, including outside general counsels and “Big-Solo attorneys”. VPS paralegals each have over 10 years experience working in corporations and large law firms.  Currently servicing over 100 clients nationwide, Denise Annunciata, the founder of VPS has been recognized for her innovation as a “Legal Rebel” by the ABA Journal.