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The Rimon Global Alliance consists of trusted lawyers and law firms throughout the world. The Alliance enables its members to assist clients in obtaining the legal resources and services they need.

Clients often need guidance from experienced lawyers with expertise and in jurisdictions that no single law firm could provide on its own.  Our approach to providing such comprehensive service to our clients is as innovative and unique as Rimon itself.

Alliance members are selected based on other members’ personal, positive, experience working with them.  Lawyers and firms in the Alliance know one another, have worked together, and have come to trust and respect one another, often in pursuit of a common client’s objectives.  Members contribute and provide integrated legal support, experience, and counsel, seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Because our primary commitment is to the best interests of our clients, membership in the Alliance carries no obligations apart from high quality and ethical service to our clients. Unlike other networks, associations or affiliations, there are no membership fees or dues, nor does the alliance bind or obligate a member to undertake work for which they are not qualified or do not wish to accept. Participation in our alliance does not require any member to refer work should they not consider appropriate if it is not in the best interest of the client.

Each lawyer and law firm within our Alliance retains its independence. Each member is responsible for reviewing potential conflicts, fulfilling its professional obligations, and providing each client with quality legal services in the jurisdictions and substantive legal areas relevant to the client’s need.

Simply put, the Rimon Global Alliance is based on a foundation of existing and trusted relationships among legal professionals who are already connected by common bonds and experiences and whose participation and membership enables cost-effective and highly integrated communication, collaboration and service to clients.  Our growth has been and continues to be organic, based on quality, trust and professionalism.

If you are a client and want to take advantage of the Rimon Global Alliance or Rimon’s network of professionals, please contact the Rimon lawyer with whom you regularly work or info@rimonlaw.com.

If you are a lawyer or law firm, interested in learning more about the Rimon Global Alliance please contact Joseph Rosenbaum at joseph.rosenbaum@rimonlaw.com.

Rimon Global Alliance firms are currently in the following countries:



Cape Verde



East Timor




Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)







Latin America/Caribbean



Costa Rica

Dominican Republic

El Salvador