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Rimon’s fine art and cultural property attorneys provide advice to art industry professionals, collectors, curators, investors, and families in the niche area of fine art and cultural property law.

We assist clients with a range of art and cultural property related matters, including the structuring of art holdings and the use of fine art and cultural property as collateral in lending and financing arrangements; the consignment, sale and purchase of fine art; art gallery, dealer and consultant relationships; fine art collection management and authenticity issues; estate planning; tax; intellectual property; insurance / risk transfer; AML/EU 5th; Directive U.S. Corporate Transparency Act compliance; and litigation.

We work with collectors, artists, galleries and other art market professionals on due diligence, consignment agreements and arrangements, both for private sale and on auction, and have assisted clients in closing the acquisition of several valuable art collections. We also assist clients in litigation and have successfully recovered funds and artworks.  Our attorneys work with auction houses, dealers, and galleries and have represented numerous well-known artists and art consultants as well as family offices and high-net-worth individuals with their art financing needs.

Fine Art and Cultural Property

Representation of well-known commercial artist in recovering debt and consigned art from intermediaries.

  • Advising on international art financing and sales.
  • Advising and drafting unique residual value coverage for selected art investments.
  • Advising in the creation of a ground lease fund as a solution for Covid-stressed art museums.
  • Establishing AML and EU 5th Directive, and the U.S. Corporate Transparency Act compliance policies and procedures for a premiere London gallery.
  • Advising in U.S., EU and UK cross border sales tax and VAT issues.
  • Advising in the gifting and lending of collections to museums.
  • Representation of a well-known Los Angeles fine art consultant on the promotion and sale of photography portfolios of a well-known international artist, and the promotion and sale of iconic works of art and other fine art portfolios.
  • Representation of a fine art intermediary on its interests in licensing and promotion arrangements for works of fine art.
  • Advising a family office on its rights in the importation into the United States of foreign cultural property.
  • Advising on the acquisition of an important African American Art Collection.
  • Advising on the consignments of works by well-known artists with leading international auction houses.
  • Representation of family offices and high net worth individuals in the financing of their art collections.

Rimon Attorneys With Expertise in Fine Art and Cultural Property Include: