Rimon’s ERISA practice is highly regarded for its leadership and comprehensive management of federal and international ERISA concerns.

We provide representation in ERISA claims and regularly advise on:

  • Fiduciary protection
  • Reduction in labor force
  • Design and management of human capital and benefit plans
  • Multinational and international benefits
  • The application of ERISA exemptions and claims and asset guidance
  • Complex breach of fiduciary duty and in disputes involving life, health, disability, pension and retirement plans
  • ERISA claims
  • The development, documentation, and administration of executive compensation programs and employee benefit plans
  • Design of master 401(k) and VEBA programs for union-represented employees

In the area of employment law, few considerations loom as large as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. That is why Rimon counsels its clients on how best to embrace and integrate federal and international employment guidelines. We offer employers tailored solutions to complex employment issues based on sound legal judgment and advice.

Rimon Attorneys With Expertise in ERISA Include: