The HR Gazette Podcast: Banning Non-complete Clauses

Insights The HR Gazette Podcast: Banning Non-complete Clauses Thomas M. White · February 14, 2023

Rimon Partner Thomas White joined Bill Banham for The HR Gazette’s recent podcast “Banning Non-complete Clauses.” Tom discussed the recent FTC proposal to ban non-compete clauses, the utilization of ERISA plans to enforce non-competes, and what that could mean for companies and employees.

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Thomas M. White specializes in the full scope of human resources management, such as Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation, Healthcare, and Employment Law. He began his practice shortly after ERISA was enacted. In this capacity, he has undertaken a full range of contentious, non-contentious and transactional benefits and employment work, and also has extensive experience in the development, documentation and administration of executive compensation programs. He has worked on behalf of clients ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises. Read more about Thomas.