Rimon Named a Top Cryptocurrency Law Firm by both LawFuel and Coinnounce

Rimon was cited by LawFuel and Coinnounce as one of the best law firms to advise on the legal structures of cryptocurrencies and the regulatory environment around them. Both publications list Rimon as a top law firm in the crypto space, and stress the importance of finding qualified law firms with robust experience in the complex and dynamic blockchain industry. Rimon’s attorneys are consistently ranked and awarded for their extensive experience in advising and solving all crypto-related legal issues.

Lawyers in Rimon’s premier financial services practice have been advising financial services clients, nationally and internationally, for many years. More recently, we have supplemented this practice with “best of breed” attorneys specializing in advising clients on cutting-edge legal and regulatory issues facing all players in the modern financial services ecosystem.  We draw upon our experience in financial regulatory issues, data protection and privacy, e/m-Commerce, payment systems and processing technology transactions and related intellectual property to serve clients in the FinTech space. Read more about Rimon’s FinTech, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Services here.

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