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The Goals of the Internship Program (“Program”)

The goals of Rimon’s Internship Program are threefold:

  • To provide valuable work experience and opportunities to Black law students, a group that is presently underrepresented both in our firm and in the legal industry as a whole, during the summer between their 1L and 2L years.
  • Expanding Rimon’s name recognition within quality law schools.
  • Introducing potential future employees to Rimon.

Program Details

  • Duration of Program and Hours: The program will take place over a ten-week period during the intern’s summer break from law school. In limited cases, where the firm would realize a benefit (short or long-term), an intern may be invited to continue on a part-time basis during the school year. The summer internship is designed to be a full-time job, but flexible enough to allow the interns to enjoy their summer as well.
  • Nature of Work: To the extent possible, interns will be staffed on projects that allow them to apply their legal education and that are reflective of the type of work performed by 1st-year associates at a law firm. The intern’s time should be spent on work that both develops the intern’s skills and contributes to the firm or our clients.
  • Location: San Diego or virtual. Ideally, the intern will work part-time at home and part-time in our San Diego office.

How to Apply

  • Information about our 2024 internship will be posted when available.