Renewable Energy Conference June 28, 2016

Events Renewable Energy Conference June 28, 2016 Bernays T. (Buz) Barclay June 28-29, 2016

Rimon Partner Buz Barclay will be speaking at The New York State 2016 Renewable Energy Conference about developments in Federal and State energy regulation and their impacts and implications for supply of renewable energy.

This Premier Energy Conference on the East Coast is a leadership forum on energy policy, transformation in Federal and State energy markets, and impacts on renewable supply. The gathering is sponsored by the New York Business Council, among other organizations.

The Conference will gather leading experts in the field of energy, technology, academia, government policy and business. The format of the Conference allows participants to learn, meet experts, and ask questions. Morning sessions are devoted to establishing a foundation for understanding the current status of the energy market place. Afternoon sessions will focus on the practical experiences of professionals working in these emerging energy markets, and there will be plenty of opportunity for networking.

New York State and the Nation continue to be dramatically impacted by changes in energy policy. The The New York State 2016 Renewable Energy Conference will examine the impact of these policy changes on the competitive bulk electric market place with associated impacts on the use, development, and pricing of renewable sources of supply. Learn more here