Pre-Trade Challenges in Central Clearing of OTC Derivatives

Events October 2, 2015

In a roundtable discussion, DerivSource Forum participants will explore the operational, technological, legal and practical implications of each pre-trade challenge to give the audience greater insight into their multi-facets. This newly established forum group will also share how different financial institutions are addressing these challenges today as part of long-term strategies for developing a regulatory compliant and efficient business operation.

During this Feb 8th webinar, Forum speakers will discuss some of the following topics which are of most immediate concern to market participants:
What elements of new regulation in both the US and Europe is most confusing or of immediate concern?
What questions still need to be answered with regards to how clearinghouses will operate and what products will be eligible for clearing?
How are financial institutions (buy-side and sell-side) planning to engage in central clearing? For instance, how will firms decide how to connect to the clearinghouses and what are the implications of making this selection?
What is the role of the fund administrators in central clearing?
What are the concerns firms have in the economics of central clearing and the potential high cost of managing a mixed clearing (bilateral and centrally cleared) environment? How are both asset managers and banks looking to adopt a most cost-effective strategy for clearing?
Speakers will be confirmed shortly. Members of the Forum Group include representatives from multiple financial institutions and companies including: ICE, CME, LCH.Clearnet, RBS, AllianceBernstein, Aviva Investors and many more.

Register now: Space is limited.