Panel Discussion – Startup Founders Compensation, Employee Stock Option and U.S. Market Entry – A Refresher

Events Panel Discussion – Startup Founders Compensation, Employee Stock Option and U.S. Market Entry – A Refresher Judy Deng Panel Discussion – Startup Founders Compensation, Employee Stock Option and U.S. Market Entry – A Refresher Craig Tanner January 18, 2023 | 5:00 – 6:15pm PT

Panel Discussion – Startup Founders Compensation, Employee Stock Option and U.S. Market Entry – A Refresher

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Are you a startup founder? Do you plan to open a new subsidiary in the U.S.? What are some of the value-building legal decisions to be made early? Join our legal/HR panel discussion via Zoom.

We will cover basic considerations for startup founders’ compensation, incentive stock program, entity structure for startups entering the U.S. market.  Topics:

  • How to design compensation package for founders and executives?
  • What will be a suitable incentive stock program if the company is vying for local talents;
  • What drives the different decisions for controlled subsidiaries versus startups;
  • Pitfalls; and
  • Trends.



  • 如何为创始人和高管设计薪酬方案?
  • 如何设计合适的激励性股票计划以争夺本地人才?
  • 受控子公司与创业公司会有不同的选项,其驱动因素是什么?
  • 其中的陷阱;以及
  • 未来趋势。

Watch Webinar Here

Panelist:   主讲人:

Dr. Tom Zhang, HR/Talent leader, ex-Tesla, ex-Google
张琦博士,@硅谷猎头 Tom Zhang,硅谷资深人才专家,硅新社特约评论员

Judy Deng, Partner, Emerging Companies, Technology, Rimon
Judy Deng,睿盟律师事务所合伙人,执业领域为创投公司和技术

Craig Tanner, Partner, Executive Compensation and Employment, Rimon
Craig Tanner,睿盟律师事务所合伙人,执业领域为高管薪酬和就业


5:00-5:10pm: Introduction about Panel Members
5:10-5:40pm: Q&A on Founders Compensation, Employee Stock Option Practice – Tom Zhang and Craig Tanner
5:40-6:00pm: Q&A on U.S. Market Entry – Tom Zhang and Judy Deng
6:00-6:15pm: Audience Q&A


5:10-5:40pm: 创始人薪酬、员工股票期权实践的问答 – Tom Zhang 和 Craig Tanner
5:40-6:00pm: 关于进入美国市场的问答 – Tom Zhang和Judy Deng
6:00-6:15pm: 听众问答

Meet the Panel:   了解主讲人

Tom (0x) Zhang, HR/Talent Leader
Tom Zhang is a seasoned talent expert in the Silicon Valley. He has worked with both the leading technology companies (Google, Tesla and Tencent) and up-and-coming technology startup companies. His experience includes talent acquisitions for technology companies as well as professional firms servicing technology industry; cross-culture people ops, talent development and management. He also has rich experience in acting as an executive career coach for C-Suite and professionals to help exceed their potentials. Tom has a PhD in EE from Zhejiang University.

Tom Zhang是硅谷的一位经验丰富的人才专家。他曾与领先的科技公司(谷歌、特斯拉和腾讯)和新兴的科技创业公司合作。他的经验包括为科技公司以及服务于科技行业的专业公司进行人才收购、跨文化的人员运营、人才发展和管理。他在担任C-Suite和专业人士的高管职业教练方面也有丰富的经验,帮助他们发挥潜能。张先生拥有浙江大学的电子工程博士学位。

Judy Deng, Partner | judy.deng@rimonlaw.com
Judy Deng practices corporate and securities law, with an emphasis on the representation of international social networking, entertainment, digital media, software and medical technology companies. Ms. Deng has extensive experience counseling private companies with international operations in various stages of growth and advising institutional investors in complex cross-border transactions involved with such companies. Ms. Deng counsels clients in cross-border restructurings and reorganizations, financing, mergers and acquisitions, executive and employee incentive programs, and strategic intellectual property transactions.

Judy Deng从事公司法和证券法业务,重点是代理国际社交网络、娱乐、数字媒体、软件和医疗技术公司。邓女士在为处于不同成长阶段的国际业务的私人公司提供咨询,以及在涉及此类公司的复杂跨境交易中为机构投资者提供咨询方面有着丰富的经验。邓女士为客户提供跨境重组和改组、融资、兼并和收购、高管和员工激励计划以及战略性知识产权交易方面的咨询。

Craig Tanner, Partner | craig.tanner@rimonlaw.com
Craig is a Partner in Rimon’s Employment Law, Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation Practice. He has over 20 years of experience in representing multinational companies with executive compensation, equity compensation, employment, and data privacy matters. In his compensation practice, Mr. Tanner works with his clients in designing and offering, executive compensation and broad-based equity-programs, including restricted stock units, stock options, profit interests, stock purchase rights, restricted stock, phantom stock, and stock appreciation rights, as well as retention, transaction and cash bonus programs.