NFT’s and Digital Art Blockchain: Is Blockchain’s Digital Token New Frontier Its Brightest?**

Insights February 25, 2021

What Was: Security and Utility Tokens

Almost two years have disappeared in a heartbeat, but nothing much substantial appears to have changed on the US securities regulatory landscape for blockchain tokens and other digital assets.

When it comes to any substantive pronouncement, the date of The Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Strategic Hub for Financial Innovation and Technology’s(FINHUB) last deep dive into digital assets appears to be April 3, 2019, the date of its “Statement on “Framework for ‘Investment Contract’ Analysis of Digital Assets”” and accompanying “Framework for “Investment Contract” Analysis of Digital Assets” (Framework).

We wrote about the Framework in an earlier post (“Is there any Utility left in Utility Tokens: the SEC Speaks”), and waxed on about the SEC ‘No-Action Letters’ In Re TurnKey Jet, Inc. and Pocket Full of Quarters, Inc (PoQ).

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