Dror Futter

View More Speaking Engagements Speaker, PLI Seminar, Fintech 2018, “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 101” Panelist, “Security Token Panel,” Alchemist Money Summit Tel Aviv, 2018 Organizer & Speaker, PLI Webinar “Attorney Ethics – Counseling Clients Undertaking an ICO,” 2018 Moderator, “TigerTalks in the City: Bitcoin, Blockchains, ICOs and More,” Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and Bendheim Center for Finance, 2018…

John Handy

PUBLICATIONS “An Inventor’s Guide to Enforcing Patents on a Budget,” IPWatchdog (Mar. 2020) “Your financial products and services are still patentable (maybe) – tips for procurement,” Financier Worldwide (Sept. 2014) * RIMON GLOBAL ALLIANCE