Rimon P.C.’s Tax team is comprised of seven partner-level attorneys, each of whom has more than 20 years’ experience in his or her specialty area. Our tax lawyers were partners in some of the United States’ largest law firms, and have represented clients on five continents and in all 50 states. We have been the tax lawyers on billion-dollar transactions and Wall Street IPOs, and before federal and state administrative bodies and courts. We represent some of America’s wealthiest families.

Each of us is committed to Rimon’s philosophy of responsiveness and efficiency. That means that the lawyer you hire will be the lawyer who is working for you — not a staff of mid-level lawyers. Moreover, we have 360 degrees of tax expertise, which means that we can advise you on almost any American tax issue you encounter. We invite you to learn more about our tax specialties below.

Related Practice Areas

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  • Gift tax minimization through grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs), family limited partnerships and other structures
  • Dynasty trust planning to avoid estate tax in successive generations
  • Income tax minimization through charitable remainder trusts and direct gifts to private family foundations
  • Preparation of estate tax returns and gift tax returns
  • Cross-border investments
  • International finance products
  • International transactions
  • Ongoing tax planning
  • International tax planning
  • FBAR disclosures
  • Trader taxation
  • Deferred compensation & stock options
  • Controlled Foreign Corporations (CFCs)
  • Structured finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of “tax shelters”
  • Tax treaties
  • Charitable giving
  • Finance – endowments and investments
  • Nonprofit governance matters
  • Nonprofit tax matters
  • Program-related investment (PRI)
  • Formation of private foundations
  • Advising board members and officers of public charities
  • Advising board members and officers of private foundations
  • Tax compliance for private foundations and public charities

Representative Matters of Rimon’s Tax Attorneys

  • Developed a strategy to transfer $75 million of family legacy real estate to a dynasty trust without incurring gift tax, and fully covered by generation-skipping tax exemption; the dynasty trust will protect that real estate from estate tax, creditor claims and divorce claims in perpetuity
  • Assisted clients on tax issues in all 50 states, on matters involving income taxes, franchise taxes, sales and use taxes, real property transfer taxes, and a variety of other state and local taxes
  • Counseled hedge funds, private equity vehicles, international mergers, startups, and international ventures
  • Worked with venture capital partners to transfer carried interests to irrevocable children’s trusts at the beginning of the fund when those interests were of modest value, and watched those interests grow in value to more than $10 million, thereby transferring significant wealth while using minimal gift tax exemption
  • Won 100% of $15.5 million income tax case involving tax credit, when the state argued that the available credit was limited to $20,000
  • Saved client from liability for many millions of dollars in uncollected hotel occupancy taxes in dozens of local and state jurisdictions nationwide
  • Developed multiple term of years flip charitable remainder trust strategy to hold extensive position in large public company that was a possible hostile acquisition target, so that client could (a) benefit the client’s private foundation when he chose by terminating one or more of the trusts early in whole or in part; (b) get the stock into a structure which would avoid capital gains tax on a sudden forced sale in a hostile acquisition; and (c) retain the right to cash flow from one or more of the trusts if he decided he needed it, by triggering the flip mechanism
  • Set up a tax structure for a U.S. company doing security related business in South Africa in connection with the 2012 World Cup, including joint venture agreements and employment agreements for U.S. and South African personnel
  • Set up a tax structure for a U.S. company’s investment and conduct of business in the telecom industry in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Argentina
  • Recovered VAT payments of U.S. company in Sweden, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands
  • Restructured Israeli company’s investments in Brazil and Poland through its Dutch subsidiary
  • Represented U.S. clients before the I.R.S. in connection with the I.R.S. Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • Created a charitable remainder trust to enable a client with a highly appreciated stock position to sell that stock with no capital gains tax, receive a charitable income tax deduction to shelter some of the capital gain for shares sold outside the trust, and receive a cash flow from the trust for life before the amount remaining in the trust goes to the client’s private family foundation on the client’s death
  • Created a GRAT (grantor retained annuity trust) with start-up company stock, enabling a company founder to transfer $10,000,000 to trusts for his children with the gift being valued at only $3,000

Rimon Attorneys With Expertise in Tax Include: