The End of Fine Art Experts? A Few Lessons Learned From The Recent Agnes Martin Litigation

Insights The End of Fine Art Experts? A Few Lessons Learned From The Recent Agnes Martin Litigation Sam Miller · July 18, 2019

Picture this.

The Picasso that always hung in your childhood livingroom; a gift to your grandfather from a grateful gallery owner, liberated as your grandfather’s 264th Infantry Regiment worked its way through France in the dying days of World War II. As the years passed, and family generations moved on, the family puts the Picasso up for sale.

But what was always a family certainty, becomes clouded in doubt when the Picasso heirs refuse to authenticate the piece as an original Pablo Picasso. What was a family treasure, is now worthless.

Expert opinion in the authenticity of works of fine art is a critical component of the fine art markets. Without it, the wheels for a large part of the market-the secondary fine art market for essentially deceased artists-would be thrown into confusion. The fictional Picasso scenario is made far worse when sellers are revisited, sometimes long after the cash has gone, by buyers with doubts as to a piece of fine art’s authenticity. Read the full article here.

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