Know What You’re Voting On: It’s Important and It Takes Vigilance

Insights August 6, 2018

Rimon Litigation Partner, Harvey Sepler, was featured by Law.com on the challenge he filed to Florida’s proposed amendment 6 (which was the first challenge).

In a democracy, there is nothing more important than the right to vote. It is from there that enforcement of many of our other constitutional rights springs. But protecting the integrity of the voting process takes vigilance.

On Nov. 6, Florida voters will be asked to weigh in on 13 constitutional amendments—eight of which have been proposed by the Florida Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC).

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Harvey J. Sepler, J.D., Ph.D., is a seasoned appellate attorney having personally litigated over 1400 civil and criminal appeals spanning a 32-year career.  Among his many victories, he has obtained unanimous decisions in both the United States Supreme Court and the Florida Supreme Court.