6th Medical Communication and Information Summit

Events October 27-28, 2016

Dennis Raglin, life sciences partner at Rimon, P.C. in San Francisco, will be a speaker at the CBI’s “MedComm 2016” conference.
He will be discussing best practices for compliance with the FDA’s guidance on the use of social media and participating in a panel discussion on how to effectively respond to requests for off-label information and scientific exchange while complying with FDA regulations.

This event intends to discuss best practices for the effective communication of scientific information for a global market.
The objective of this conference is that the medical communications associated with our organizations remains compliant and highly effective.

This event is designed to offer a multi-stakeholder approach on some of the most relevant issues affecting our organizations today, including:

  • Examine the effective simplification of scientific language in global content to optimize medical information communication and publication efforts
  • Explore FDA guidance on using social media to market drugs and devices, including responding to consumer comments and unsolicited requests for off-label use
  • Analyze the data gathered from clinical trials to better market your drug to the needs of your target audience
  • Establish alliances with strategic partners, including businesses, payers and universities to demonstrate value and optimize product access
  • Navigate internal team-based communication processes to ensure information clarity and accuracy
  • Address regulatory changes regarding misbranding and the permissible dissemination of information to doctors

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